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Algarve Cuisine

It has been shown that the individual components of foods, belonging to the Mediterranean Diet, alone do not provide significant protection for our health. The secret of this diet is the combination of all of them, herbs, fish, meat, fruit and cereals, and a relaxed, carefree attitude of conviviality and sharing.
Herbs positively transform food, and some combinations seem to have been born to be used and combined: basil with tomato, tarragon with chicken, thyme and rosemary with lamb, and oregano with cheese and eggs.
However, combinations should not be compulsory; what is exciting in the kitchen is the fact that there is always a great scope for new experiences and the possibility of new and successful blends of flavours.
In the late afternoon, early evening, the well serving and tasting at Herdade da Corte begins… you can start with a little taste of our wine selection. After choosing the wine to accompany the dinner, nothing better than a pleasant conversation, on the terrace, to the sound of the local birds or, if it’s Winter, by the fireplace in the common room.
Ideal to start the meal, indulge yourself to taste the magnificent oil of Santa Catarina, flavoured with the “Flower of Salt” of our Ria Formosa, soaked with local bread (Tiborna Algarvia). At your table you will always have at your disposal an entrance and/or a main course “from sea or the land”, as well as vegetarian option and dessert. Everything will be made with regional and seasonal products, such as olive oil, salt flower, figs, carob, oranges, mushrooms, aubergines, tomatoes, coriander, among others. All accompanied by the Algarvian bread and the local carob bread. After delighting with the Algarve Cuisine, Portuguese wine and conviviality, end up quietly tasting the medronho made with the fruits picked up and distilled at Herdade da Corte.

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