Local Accommodation for Birds







Since the end of summer 2021, Herdade da Corte has been delighted to participate in the sustainable project Local Accommodation for Birds, by Vida Nativa association. We received with the greatest affection the challenge of being part of this project, installing here, in Herdade da Corte, nest boxes for different groups of rural-urban birds, such as passerines and medium-sized birds of prey. We participate in its monitoring and its guests birds and in its promotion and awareness-raising among our guests and visitors.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Stimulate interest and provide a more direct contact of society in relation to birds.
  • Encourage more birds to settle in urban areas.
  • To promote and highlight the important role of birds in controlling biological pests.

Vita Nativa is a Portuguese non-profit organization for Environmental Conservation that aims to promote the study and conservation of nature, disseminate and enhance the natural heritage and contribute to active participation in environmental protection and ecosystem services.

Access here to the  brochure of theLocal Accommodation for Birds Project 


Watch Live a couple of Spotless Starlings nesting in one of our nest boxes from the Local Accommodation for Birds Project!